My Art 'n' Junk!

I'm a really lame 14 year old who's draws characters having more fun than her and LOADS of fanart. I'm a pansexual. I prefer female pronouns but I'm not so sure what my deal is when it comes to gender. I'm really freindly but I'm shy. I have a lot of fandoms so it's easier to type out the ones I'm not in: MLP, Every anime other than Clannad, Soul Eater, and SNK, and Hannibal. I'd like to try out these fandoms but I haven't had the chance, I don't dislike any of them or they're community so please don't pull my hair about it.
Additionally: I really like paranormal and supernatural things so tell me about some ghosty aliens! That would be neat!


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Second Description

You can call me Irregular or just Reg! I will draw you things for free if you're nice! TAGS: Sad stuff: Sad Box Angry stuff: Grabs my grump bags My art: Arty Tarts